Murals, scenic constructions & decorative painting

Halfland stop-motion animation

2013–2015| Assisted with painting, building, and test-filming for the ongoing stop-motion project by Shelley Noble in Los Angeles, CA.

Halfland backdrop
Halfland sky
Halfland sky
Halfland backdrop
Halfland sculpture
Coral sculpture

Naomi Leff & Assoc. interior design

1994–1998 | Created murals and original artwork for deadline-oriented projects at the late Naomi Leff’s high-end architectural/interior design firm based in New York, NY.

Children’s playroom, Pacific Palisades, CA

Designed and painted faux windows, “wallpaper” patterns, and puppet stage.

Playroom windows
Playroom stage
Playroom window
Playroom windo
Playroom window
Playroom stripe

American Folk Art Museum benefit, New York, NY

Designed and painted faux quilt banner and wood panels for event installation at the Park Avenue Armory.

Museum benefit panel
Museum benefit panel
Museum benefit
Museum benefit panel
Museum benefit backdrop
Museum benefit backdrop
Museum benefit backdrop
Museum benefit backdrop detail
Museum benefit panel detail
Museum benefit panel detail

Hand-painted tablecloths, Sydney, Australia

Tablecloth detail
Tablecloth detail
Tablecloth WIP

Other decorative painting projects for Naomi Leff

Wall stencil, painted cabinetry, and mini flower arrangement murals.

Wall stencil detail
Painted cabinet door
Painted cabinet door
Windsor Beach Club wall painting

Personal projects

Decorative painting

Austin fireplace

1999 | Painted faux leopard panel, Austin, TX

Austin fireplace
Warsaw fireplace

1993 | Trompe l’oeil fireplace, Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw fireplace
Warsaw fireplace

Studio practice

2001–Present | Sculptural models, paintings, and drawings

Nest model

Wasp nest sculptural model for Haunt—mixed media including styrofoam, paper, plastic leaves, felt, paint, and cupcake liners


2008 | Haunt, 58" x 58", oil on canvas

Cactus model

Cactus sculptural model for New Nest—mixed media including styrofoam, artificial grass, wood, and paint

New Nest

2009 | New Nest, 56" x 46", oil on canvas

Lego explosion scultpture

Fireball sculptural model for Flare-Up and Flameout—Legos and plant stand


2006 | Flare-Up, 46" x 42", oil on canvas


2008 | Flameout, 38" x 34", oil on canvas

Other experience

1991 | Scenic and prop painting for Yale University Dramat production of the original musical Blue Skies, set design by Alexander Katreczko.

1988 | Furniture finishing and decorative painting projects for Marylou Davis, Inc.

Sample Projects

Alchemai InfographicsInformation design

AmiGo Mobile AppWireframes, visual design, and prototype

Spectrum Cloud ApplicationUI/Visual Design, Front-end Development

AmiGo WebsiteDesign, front-end development

AmiGo BrandingBranding, logo design, styleguide

Conference Talk | RStudio 2020Presentation design

Spectrum Marketing SiteBranding, design, copy editing, front-end development

Biztera Cloud ApplicationConcept development, flowcharts, and wireframes

Conference Talk | RStudio 2022Presentation design

Annie & Ryan Wedding WebsiteDesign, front-end development

Voxeet Mobile AppVisual design

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