Marge Othrow Originals

Designed the portfolio website for sculptor, illustrator, cartoonist and overall Brooklyn institution Marge Othrow. Copy written by Rachel Lewis.

Marge Othrow - About
Marge Othrow - Animals
Marge Othrow - Pet Portraits

Video of the intro to the original iteration of the site built with Flash animations using characters designed by Marge:

Sample Projects

Alchemai InfographicsInformation design

AmiGo Mobile AppWireframes, visual design, and prototype

Spectrum Cloud ApplicationUI/Visual Design, Front-end Development

AmiGo WebsiteDesign, front-end development

AmiGo BrandingBranding, logo design, styleguide

Conference Talk | RStudio 2020Presentation design

Spectrum Marketing SiteBranding, design, copy editing, front-end development

Biztera Cloud ApplicationConcept development, flowcharts, and wireframes

Conference Talk | RStudio 2022Presentation design

Annie & Ryan Wedding WebsiteDesign, front-end development

Voxeet Mobile AppVisual design

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